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The Value of STAT Osmolality Testing

Processing and patient result delays associated with sending out samples for osmolality testing may lose your organization time and money. STAT osmolality testing is valuable for a variety of use cases including but not limited to:

  • Hyponatremia and similar electrolyte disorders
  • Alcohol and toxin ingestion
  • Metabolic acidosis
  • Monitoring of osmotically active drug therapies

STAT osmolality testing is a simple and cost-effective method to:

  • Expedite patient treatment
  • Mitigate patient specimen stability concerns
  • Enable time-sensitive patient monitoring
  • Ensure full insurance reimbursement

Advanced Instruments products use the gold-standard freezing point depression method to ensure accurate results for confident reporting. We offer a variety of clinical osmometers to meet your sample throughput and automation needs and ensure you are ready for the quick turnaround needed for high-value STAT testing. Better for the patient; better for you.


The Value of STAT Testing

For more information on how STAT Osmolality can impact your lab’s workflow, be sure to check out our new resource, “The Value of STAT Testing”.

COVID LP April 2021

STAT Testing and COVID-19

The emergence of electrolyte disorders in COVID-19 patients shows the importance of in-house osmolality testing in monitoring and managing these patients. Visit our page and view our resources to learn more on how osmolality can help in COVID-19 patients.


Make sure you are ready for a quick turnaround of STAT osmolality test orders with the trusted industry leader in clinical osmometers and osmolality testing.  Our products are based on the gold-standard freezing point depression detection to ensure accurate results for confident reporting.