Thank You for Your Recent Purchase

Thank you for your recent purchase! Please follow our manufacturer’s instructions and user guides to get the most out of your osmometer. Our expert-led Clinical Services are also available to get you up and running quickly. 

Clinical Lab Instructions:

Our Clinical Laboratory Instructions include helpful guidance on sample preparation, storage, and testing procedures.

Manufacturer-Recommended QC:

Advanced Instruments recommends the use of Protinol, Renol, and Clinitrol for daily QC. To learn more, explore below.

User Guides:

Once you receive your serial number you can access your user guide here or contact us to receive a copy today.

    Recommended Serum & Urine QC

    Learn about the manufacturer-recommended QC procedure for your osmometer, including recommended QC materials for serum and urine.

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    OsmoPRO® Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer

    Supporting efficient workflows for mid-to high-volume clinical chemistry labs, the OsmoPRO features a convenient carousel design that handles up to 20 samples, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and industry-leading performance. With a 90 second test time and onboard QC charts the OsmoPRO helps your laboratory stay productive. Simple, reliable, and efficient, the OsmoPRO delivers accurate and precise analysis of patient samples for maximum productivity.

    Osmo1® Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer

    With the Osmo1 Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer, we’ve bundled together accurate and reliable osmolality measurement with ease-of-use for efficient patient sample analysis. With a 90 second test time and onboard QC charts the Osmo1 helps your laboratory stay productive. Easily maintain regulatory compliance while ensuring the security and integrity of patient data with the Osmo1. Best for labs that process 10 or fewer samples per day or prefer a direct-draw instrument.

    A2O® Advanced Automated Osmometer

    Built to keep the busiest labs productive, the A2O Advanced Automated Osmometer combines exceptional analytical performance with full automation. Laboratories can depend on the A2O to deliver accurate and precise osmolality measurements while maximizing walk-away time.