Thank You for Your Recent Anoxomat Purchase

We look forward to providing you with the information and resources you need for success with the Anoxomat III Anaerobic Jar System. Please follow our manufacturer’s instructions and user guides to get the most out of your system. Our expert-led Clinical Services are also available to quickly get you up and running with on-site and virtual support.

Preparing for Installation

Our installation checklist includes the items that you will need for operation of your Anoxomat system.

Daily Use and Maintenance

Use our quick start guides to gain a basic understanding of the instrument and provide a helpful reference for your team.

User Guide

Our user guide provides comprehensive instructions for how to use your instrument.

Anoxomat III Introduction

The Anoxomat III Anaerobic Jar System ensures repeatable anaerobic and microaerophilic environments and robust quality of growth, allowing testing facilities to realize cost savings, increased productivity and improved workflow. Watch this video for a quick overview of system operation.

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