Safety Tips

Safe Use

To reduce the risk of bodily injury, electric shock, fire, and damage to your instrument, please read and observe the precautions in User’s Guide of each individual instrument.

If the product is used in a manner not in accordance with the equipment design, operating instructions or manufacturer’s recommendations, the operation of the product may be impaired to the extent that a safety hazard is created.

Do not attempt to perform electrical work if you are not fully qualified. A User’s Guide is not a substitute for electrical training.

General Cautions

Advanced Instruments, Inc. products should be operated only with the type of power source indicated on the product’s electrical ratings label. Refer to the installation instructions included with the product.

If the power cord provided is replaced for any reason or if an alternate cord is used, the cord must be approved for use in the local country. The power cord must be approved for the product’s listed operating voltage and be rated at least 20% greater than the ampere ratings marked on the product’s electrical ratings label. The cord end that connects to the product must have an IEC 60320 connector.

  • Plug the product into an approved grounded electrical outlet.
  • Do not disable the power cord’s grounding pin.
  • If a UPS is used as a back up power source, always use a True RMS output back up power source to ensure that motors are not damaged.
  • If an extension cord or power strip is used, make sure that the cord or strip is rated for the product, and that the total ampere ratings of all products plugged into the extension cord or strip do not exceed 80% of the cord or strip’s rating limit.
  • Route power cords so that they will not be walked on, tripped on, or pinched by items placed upon or against them. Pay particular attention to the plug, electrical outlet, and the point where the cord exits the product.
  • Do not pull on cords and cables. When unplugging cords or cables, grasp the corresponding connector.
  • Do not install or use this product in any area subject to extreme short-term temperature variations, or locations that exceed the specified operating environment temperatures.
  • Never use this product in a wet area.
  • To avoid injury or fire hazard, do not operate this product in an explosive atmosphere.
  • Do not install or use the product on an unstable, non-level work surface.
  • Do not operate this product with the covers removed or unsecured.