Safety Data Sheets

Use the table below to locate the appropriate Safety Data Sheet.

Advanced Instruments has completed a review of our current products.  Some products no longer require a SDS and will now have a Non-Hazardous Statement.  This review determined that these products were not classified as hazardous according to OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR § 1910.1200), REACH (Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006), and CLP (Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008).

Description Part Number(s) SDS Number
A2O Osmometer System Fluid 200222 NHS001
ALP - Calibrator Set FLA250 SDS075
ALP - Cheese Extraction Buffer FLA005 SDS077
ALP - Daily Instrument Control FLA280 SDS076
ALP - Reagent Set Buffer FLA224, FLA225 SDS078
ALP - Test Reagent Set - Substrate FLA224, FLA225 SDS079
Bilirubin 0.2N Hydrochloric Acid B2A102 NHS002
Bilirubin 5 & 20 mg/dL Equivalents B2A101/B2A102 NHS002
Bilirubin Diluent B2A101/B2A102 NHS002
Bilirubin Sodium Nitrite B2A102 SDS073
Bilirubin Sulfanilic Acid Solution B2A102 NHS002
Broad Spectrum Microtabs 953 & 954 SDS070
Bronolab W-II 822 SDS072
Brotab Milk Preservative 955 SDS071
Cryoscope Solutions 3LA022, 3LA023, 3LA027, 3LA030, 3LA032, 3LA033 NHS003
GloCyte Low and High Level Controls 111013 (111111, 111113) NHS005
GloCyte RBC & TNC Verification & Linearity Kit 111280 NHS005
GloCyte RBC Reagent 111011 NHS005
GloCyte TNC Reagent 111012 NHS005
Heat Transfer Fluid 3DA811 NHS001
InstiGRO CHO, InstiGRO HEK, MatriClone, InstiTHAW CHO, InstiSHAKE HEK RS-1102, RS-1105, RS-1125, RS-1202, RS-1205, RS-1225, RS-1302, RS-1305, RS 1325, RS-2100, RS-2101, RS-2125, RS-2325, RS-3105, RS-3305 NHS006
MVS Calibrator Solutions and Reagents MVS-201, MVS-202, MVS-203, MVS-204, MVS-205, MVS-206, MVS-207, MVS-210, MVS-212, MVS-214, MVS-219, MVS-220, MVS-251, MVS-252, MVS-261, MVS-262 17A7405B
MVS DMSO QualAssure™ C, D and E and MVS DMSO Range C, D and E Sample Solutions MVS-216, MVS-217, MVS-218 17A6396I
Osmometer Solutions 3LA011, 3LA051, 3LA085, 3LA091, 3LA151, 3LA201, 3LA301, 3LA029, 3MA029, 3LA028, 3LA009, 3MA000, 3MA002, 3MA003, 3MA005, 3MA020, 3MA028, 3MA040, 3MA085, 3MA100, 3MA200, 3MA400, 3MA552, 3MA635 NHS001
OsmoPRO MAX Enzymatic Cleaner MAX500 SDS069
OsmoPRO MAX System Fluid 552900 SDS080
OsmoTECH HT System Fluid 635934 NHS001
Palladox™ Disposable Sachet AN3146 SDS074
PCS Calibrator Solutions and Reagents PCS-200, PCS-211, PCS-221, PCS-222, PCS-223, PCS-224, PCS-225, PCS-226, PCS-600, PCS-605, PCS-231, PCS-232, PCS-233, PCS-234, PCS-235, PCS-236 17A7406B
PhosphaCheck Pasteurization Controls FLA260 NHS004