STUDIUS™ Powered Ecosystem | Advanced instruments
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STUDIUS™ Powered Ecosystem

The Solentim STUDIUS Powered Ecosystem brings total consistency to Cell Line Development

Scientists creating Master Cell Banks (MCBs) for biotherapeutics are now able to make better, faster and more confident decisions!

The STUDIUS Powered Ecosystem incorporates critical data from Solentim VIPS® PRO single cell seeding, Cell Metric® X clone verification and colony outgrowth monitoring and ICON™ cell IgG productivity assessments to provide a unique decision-making platform covering the CLD workflow from cell seeding to scaled-down mini-bioreactor studies, for example with the Ambr®. The data management STUDIUS™ provides the ability to automatically create high quality supporting documentation, reducing data analysis times, and enabling faster decision making.

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Components of the STUDIUS Powered Ecosystem

Solentim VIPS PRO

Optimize your workflow productivity and get complete confidence in single cell seeding and clonality assurance. VIPS PRO delivers definitive, imaged-based proof of monoclonality combined with proprietary artificial intelligence-driven cell recognition for accurate detection of your high-value cells. Labs get certainty of clonality and superior imaging with advanced data management and GMP-certified features.


Solentim Cell Metric X

Cell Metric® X streamlines and accelerates workflows with superior image resolution, Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced automation. With AI-based Automated Evidence of Clonality (AEC), you can identify single-cell clones immediately—reducing time and effort spent waiting for outgrowth and analyzing images. Now, you can move from testing to IND submission weeks faster. For unrivaled clonality assurance and high-contrast imaging, make the trusted standard your standard.


Solentim ICON 

Uniquely combines titer, viable cell count and accurate productivity data using low volume assays on a single reader, with the clonality and confluence data from Cell Metric and/or VIPS to track and rank clones automatically, rapidly and consistently from the cloning plate, through fed-batch suspension shaking cultures to shake flask and multi-parallel mini bio-reactors such as Ambr, regardless of the different formats used and without the risk of error.


Ambr®  is a registered trademark of Sartorius AG