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Our Solentim portfolio enables the clonal isolation, outgrowth, and characterization of the highest value cells for monoclonal antibody upstream development and cell and gene therapy. This enables our customers to use these clones and have the documentation they were clonally-derived to confidently form their Master Cell Banks.


Single cell seeder

High efficiency, high viability single cell cloning for Cell Line Development and Cell Therapy.

Verified In-Situ Plate Seeding (VIPS™) takes single cell cloning and image based clonality assurance to a whole new level of quality. The multi-tasking, compact instrument delivers a rock solid, ‘double lock’ solution for regulatory submission.

Cell Metric®

Clone Imager with Assurance

High contrast whole well imaging and documentation designed for single cell verification and clonal outgrowth monitoring.

Cell Metric captures and records crucial evidence, whole well image of the single cell at day 0 and daily imaging thereafter, all wrapped up in a clonality report defining best practice for Master Cell Bank production.


Combined titer, VCD and productivity analyzer

The ICON with integrated STUDIUSTM data management system enables scientists in the biotherapeutic development industry to digitally transform their process and make informed decisions quicker, earlier, and more securely.

ICON/STUDIUS uniquely combines titer, viability and productivity data using low volume assays on a single reader, with the clonality and confluence data from Cell Metric and/or VIPS to track and rank clones automatically, rapidly and consistently from the cloning plate, through fed-batch suspension shaking cultures to shake flask and multi-parallel mini bio-reactors such as AMBR, regardless of the different formats used and without the risk of error.