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Highlighted Features
  • High efficiency single cell seeding 
  • Double-Lock image-based clonal assurance 
  • Intelligent cell recognition 
  • Single-use consumables 
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance-ready STUDIUS™ data management and analysis software 
  • Optimal instrument design


Elevating Single Cell Seeding Workflows:
Delivering Proof not Probability in Monoclonality


  • GMP-certified, single-use cell reservoir – first to market!
  • Improved artificial intelligence through full integration with STUDIUS data management and decision-making software (ensures 21 CFR  Part 11 compliance)
  • Improved workflow efficiencies through redesigned ergonomics, optimized cell dispensing and industry leading imaging technology

Optimize your workflow productivity and get complete confidence in single cell seeding and clonality assurance. VIPS PRO delivers definitive, imaged-based proof of monoclonality combined with proprietary artificial intelligence-driven cell recognition for accurate detection of your high-value cells. Labs get certainty of clonality and superior imaging with advanced data management and GMP-certified features.

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Delivering Proof, Not Probability, in Assuring Monoclonality

Delivering proof of monoclonality, not probability

With VIPS PRO, clonal assurance is based on evidence, unlike manual methods, which use a repeated process to achieve probability of a single cell. VIPS PRO delivers evidence at multiple steps for complete certainty of single cell seeding—not in the nozzle, not in the tube, not in the air, but at the bottom of the well.

Droplet image of a single cell on day 0

Images of the single cell in the bottom of the dry well are collected as evidence of seeding, after which the sophisticated neural network identifies individual cells, cell aggregates, and other non-cell artifacts.

Daily whole-well imaging of a single cell

The timeline of clonal outgrowth continues with high-clarity, whole-well imaging starting at day 0, tracing back to a single cell to confirm monoclonality for confident regulatory submissions..

Take Single Cell Cloning to a New Level of Quality and Confidence

Improved seeding efficiency and performance

The cell reservoir (CR) comes pre-assembled with the ceramic nozzle and magnetic stirrer already inside for ease of use, minimal handling, and improved seeding efficiency. The transparent acrylic CR enables visual inspection of cell suspension and magnetic stirrer during the seeding process, while the ceramic nozzle delivers optimal droplet formation facilitating high seeding efficiency.

Intelligent cell detection

VIPS PRO’s proprietary AI-driven algorithm ensures precise cell detection. The neural network enables single cell detection in a droplet and, unlike other solutions, distinguishes between a cell, cell aggregates, cell debris, and air bubbles for complete confidence.

Certainty of clonality

Capture high-quality, image-based proof of clonality immediately after droplet dispensing and with whole-well imaging on day 0 for regulatory assurance with a dynamic Clonality Report.

Single-use consumables

Gamma-irradiated, single-use Seeding Kits speed up and simplify the process while eliminating the possibility of sample carryover and contamination between projects. They are GMP-certified and include a validation report.

Powerful data management and analysis

The STUDIUS software platform provides instrument control as well as powerful data analysis and management for error reduction, sample tracking and a complete audit trail.

Support Compliance

Security features to ensure 21 CFR Part 11 compliance include system access control for authorized users, data integrity, and audit trail for record-keeping.

Smart instrument design

Tubing, cell reservoir, and VIPS PRO accessory tray are positioned at the front of the instrument for better access and ease-of-use. An optimized instrument design improves airflow in the laminar flow hood to keep contaminants away from cells.

STUDIUS Powered Ecosystem: Bringing Total Consistency across Cell Line Development

STUDIUS incorporates critical data from VIPS PRO single cell seeding, Cell Metric® clone verification and colony outgrowth monitoring, and ICON™ cell IgG productivity assessments, allowing scientists to make faster and more confident decisions. STUDIUS analyzes data automatically and instantly, according to user-defined parameters, delivering ranking and selection of clones, within minutes—a process that previously took hours or days.

Technical Specifications

Spec Description
Dimensions (D x W x H) 19.68 x 18.74 x 15.43" (39.2 x 47.6 x 50 cm)
Net Weight 83.77 lbs (38 kg)
Operating Conditions Indoor use only
Temperature: +10°C (50°F) to 40°C (104°F) Humidity: 20% to 80% non-condensing Altitude: Up to 2000M Mains Supply: +/- 10% rated voltage
Electrical Supply Power Supply Input Voltage: 100-240V AV 50-60Hz Single Phase Power Supply Output Voltage: 24V DC – 250W Power Supply Input Connection: IEC Input

Associated Products

VIPS PRO Seeding Kits

Each GMP-certified VIPS PRO Seeding Kit is sterilized by gamma irradiation and includes a clear acrylic cell reservoir and ceramic nozzle, media dispenser tubing, and cell reservoir tubing. The packaging design reduces handling and eliminate sample carryover and risk of contamination. Use these kits with VIPS PRO to gently dispense cells in nanoliter droplets into empty wells for high efficiency single cell seeding.

Next Generation Cell Culture Growth Supplements

In the search for high-value cells, growth conditions can be optimized to support early growth conditions. InstiGRO™ products are proprietary animal component-free cell culture supplements for CHO and HEK cells which confer major growth and survival advantages within cell line development.

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Solentim MatriClone™

MatriClone matrix supports iPSC growth in single cell seeding workflows while maintaining pluripotency. MatriClone is optimized for in-solution seeding and optically suited for automated imaging.

When used with VIPS PRO, MatriClone offers high levels of single cell survival and subsequent outgrowth in a simple workflow that avoids the need to coat plates. MatriClone is a defined matrix consisting of a recombinant peptide and is animal component-free. A clinical grade version of the matrix is also available.

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STUDIUS provides consistency across the cell line development workflow via secure sample/clone tracking and a common database and eliminates cumbersome and error prone comparison of results in various formats from multiple instruments from different suppliers.

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VIPS PRO is the perfect choice for:
  • Cell line development (CLD) for biologics
  • Gene therapy for viral vector production
  • Cell Therapy for use with human and induced pluripotent stem cells

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