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Solentim MatriClone™ iPSC Matrices

Highlighted Features
  • Higher process efficiency
  • Simple workflow
  • Improved imaging with enhanced clarity
  • Maintain cell function
  • Downstream compatibility

Solentim MatriClone™ iPSC Matrices

High Viability iPSC Single Cell Cloning and Outgrowth

MatriClone is a new matrix designed to support iPSC growth in single seeding workflows while maintaining pluripotency. MatriClone is optimized for ‘in-solution’ seeding and optically suited for automated imaging.

When used as part of the VIPS seeding protocol, MatriClone offers high levels of single cell survival and subsequent outgrowth, all in a simple, automated workflow which avoids the need for coating plates. MatriClone is a defined matrix consisting of a recombinant peptide and is animal component-free.


High Efficiency, High Viability iPSC Single Cell Cloning and Outgrowth

Colony outgrowth image captured on the VIPS at day 14 illustrating the enhanced number of colonies from VIPS seeded plates compared with limiting dilutions (LD).A New Standard For iPSC Support

Why the need for change? Existing methodologies can include the likes of MatriGel, a chemically undefined mixture secreted from mouse sarcoma cells which must be manually coated onto plates.Often used with limiting dilution, a low efficiency statistical approach to single cell seeding, this approach is time-consuming and lacks in evidence of clonality.

Designed For Use With Automated Imaging

MatriClone offers ideal optical quality to contribute to high-quality data when imaged by automated imaging platforms.This makes MatriClone ideally suited to workflows using post-seeding technologies including the Cell Metric® whole well imager.

Maintenance of Phenotype, Karyotype and Pluripotency

Importantly, clones generated using the VIPS + MatriClone workflow have been shown by immunocytochemistry and karyotyping to maintain pluripotency after at least 10 passages and have retained their ability to successfully differentiate.

Associated Products

RS-2100MatriClone – 2 x 175µg
RS-2101MatriClone – 6 x 175µg
RS-4100Clinical manufacturing grade laminin is now available for customers to use in combination with VIPS and Cell Metric instrumentation.

Solentim VIPS® PRO

Single Cell Seeder
High efficiency, single cell seeding with image-based proof of clonality for GMP-compatible workflows

Solentim Cell Metric® X

The trusted standard for high contrast whole well imaging and Clonal Assurance.


MatriClone is the Perfect Choice for:
  • Cell Therapy for use with human and induced pluripotent stem cells

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