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Delivering speed and confidence in single cell seeding

Accelerate single cell cloning workflows while also ensuring clonality with products that drive discovery and development of antibody, cell & gene therapies and iPSC-based studies.

Maximize cell health and clonal outgrowth, tracked by a powerful data analysis and management platform, now with solutions to support GMP-certification.

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Solentim VIPS® PRO

Elevating Single Cell Seeding for Your GMP-Certified Workflows

VIPS PRO’s powerful seeding technology gently and efficiently dispenses cells, reducing hands-on time and compressing timelines from months to days while providing certainty of clonality and superior imaging with advanced data management and GMP-certified features.

Updated STUDIUS screen

Solentim STUDIUS™

The Smartest Decision-Making Platform in Cell Line Development

The STUDIUS powered ecosystem from Advanced Instruments provides a more consistent cell line development workflow for scientists creating biotherapeutic Master Cell Banks, enabling faster and more confident decision making.

Solentim MatriClone™ iPSC Matrices

MatriClone is a new matrix designed to support iPSC growth in single seeding workflows while maintaining pluripotency. MatriClone is optimized for ‘in-solution’ seeding and optically suited for automated imaging.

Cell Growth Reagents

Designed to work with VIPS automation, Cell Metric imaging, ICON cell analysis, and manual cell growth processes, the Insti Reagents products transform workflows and greatly enhance the number of successful colonies per plate, conferring major growth and survival advantages.

They are proprietary animal component-free cell culture supplements for CHO and HEK cells that enhance growth at multiple points in the cell development cycle, including early cell growth and single cell survival, during the transition to deep-well plates, and to protect cells during freezing and thawing.

Demonstrating monoclonality has never been more reliable and straightforward. No more ambiguity, no more ghost cells. Both our clients and our own scientists are very pleased with the data the VIPS instrument generates

Ferenc Boldog, Director of Cell Line Development

High Efficiency Single Cell Seeding – Solentim VIPS

Learn about high efficiency, single cell cloning with enhanced, image-based regulatory assurance on the Solentim VIPS Single Cell Seeder from Angela Tuckowski, Janssen