For our customers’ convenience our Product Inserts are available via the web. Find your part number and click the appropriate Product Insert link. Please be aware that some part numbers may be associated with more than one Product Insert. In these cases, the part number will be listed more than once.

Description Part Number(s) Insert Number Revision
Advanced Instruments, Inc. Osmometer Standards (Ampules) 3MA005, 3LA011, 3MA020, 3MA040, 3LA051, 3MA085, 3LA091, 3MA100, 3MA200, 3LA151, 3LA201, 3LA301 3MAP05 rev. 9
Advanced Instruments, Inc. Osmometer Standards (Bottles) 3LA010, 3LA050, 3LA090, 3LA150 3LAP10 rev. 6
Advanced Instruments, Inc. Osmolality Linearity Set 3LA028 3LP027 rev. 12
Clinitrol™ 290 Reference Solution 3LA029, 3MA029 3LP026 rev. 15
Protinol® Protein-Based Osmolality Controls 3MA028 3MP029 rev. 13
Renol™ Urine Osmolality Controls 3LA085 3LP086 rev. 11
Protinol® Protein-Based Osmolality Controls 200213, 200214, 200215, 200216 200169PM rev. 2
Renol™ Urine Osmolality Controls 200217, 200218, 200219 2002170PM rev. 2
Advanced Instruments, Inc. Cryoscope Standards (Ampules) 3LA023, 3LA033 100002PM rev. 1
Advanced Instruments, Inc. Cryoscope Standards (Bottles) 3LA022, 3LA027, 3LA032 100003PM rev. 1
Lactrol® 530 Reference Solution 3LA030 3LP033 rev. 7
Fluorophos® Cheese Extraction Buffer FLA005 FLP007 rev. 5
Fluorophos® Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Reagent Set FLA124, FLA224, FLA225 FLP202 rev. 11
Fluorophos® Calibrator Set FLA250 FLP251 rev. 6
Fluorophos® Daily Instrument Control FLA280 FLP283 rev. 4
Total Bilirubin Test Kit B2A101 B2P101 rev. 3
Total and Direct Bilirubin Test Kit B2A102 B2P207 rev. 4
iontopak™ Iontophoresis Solution Kit CFA200 CFP201 rev. 5
iontopak™ Iontophoresis Solution Kit - Caution Insert CFA200 CFP202 rev. 6
Advanced® Ease-Eject™ Sampler 3M0825 3MP825 rev. 8