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Cell Growth Supplements & Reagents

Highlighted Features
  • Designed for HEK and CHO
  • Enhance successful colonies per plate
  • Animal Free Certification
  • Reduce Project Timelines for Cell Line Development
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001

Cell Growth Supplements & Reagents

Enhancing Cell Line Development Workflows

The Insti Reagents are cell growth supplements comprising recombinant proteins, plant extracts and other chemical components for CHO and HEK cells, designed to substantially improve cell growth under stressful conditions and help accelerate cell line development workflows to maximize biotherapeutic production.

The supplements confer major growth and survival advantages while combining with VIPS® seeding automation, Cell Metric® imaging, ICON™ cell analysis or manual cell practices, leading to more clonal colonies per plate.

We certify that no animal or human-derived materials are used in the manufacture of the raw material ingredients used in our supplements. Our supplements may contain materials produced by or extracted from plants, bacteria or yeast, or may contain recombinant human or animal proteins, provided they are produced in plants or micro-organisms.

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High Performance Cell Growth Supplements

Advanced cell culture supplements for use with Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) and human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells.

Introducing InstiGRO™, InstiSHAKE™ and InstiTHAW™


InstiGRO helps you isolate high-producing clones faster

  • Enhance cloning efficiency in limiting dilution
  • Increase efficiency of colony formation in semi-solid media
  • Accelerate post-seeding growth kinetics
  • Reduce batch-to-batch media variability
  • Save time in cell line development
  • Increase the probability of isolating high producers

InstiGRO enhances CHO or HEK single cell outgrowth, allowing the isolation of high-producing clones faster in cell line development. InstiGRO increases cloning efficiency and accelerates post-seeding growth kinetics in manual processes and in combination with our Solentim VIPS system for automated single cell seeding.


InstiSHAKE supports enhanced growth in routine culture

  • Increased cell viability
  • Accelerated growth kinetics
  • Higher density cultures
  • Batch-to-batch consistency across a range of media

InstiSHAKE is a follow-on supplement in the transition from static to shaking, designed for CHO or HEK cells. InstiSHAKE increases cell viability, accelerates growth kinetics, helps producing higher density cultures and also offers batch-to-batch consistency across a range of media.


InstiTHAW ensures optimal recovery from cryopreservation

  • Increased cell viability
  • Accelerated growth kinetics
  • Higher density cultures
  • Batch-to-batch consistency across a range of media

InstiTHAW is designed to protect CHO or HEK cells during freezing and thawing, ensuring optimal recovery from cryopreservation. InstiTHAW improves cell viability in recovery, accelerating entry into exponential growth phase.

VIPS + InstiGRO: a powerful combination

Verified In-situ Plate Screening (VIPS) is our high-efficiency, single-cell seeder. This low-pressure system demonstrates higher seeding efficiency and outgrowth when compared to limiting dilution methods and provides a double-lock of assurance with enhanced in-well imaging to track seeding and clonal growth.
Complementing our VIPS technology, cell outgrowth is further enhanced with the use of InstiGRO and InstiGRO PLUS cell growth supplements.

Associated Products

InstiGROProduct NameProduct SIze (ml)
RS-1105InstiGRO CHO5
RS-1125InstiGRO CHO25
RS-1305InstiGRO HEK5
RS-1325InstiGRO HEK25
InstiSHAKEProduct NameProduct SIze (ml)
RS-2125InstiSHAKE CHOSol A - 20 Sol B - 5
RS-2325InstiSHAKE HEK25
InstiTHAWProduct NameProduct SIze (ml)
RS-3105InstiTHAW CHO5
RS-3305InstiTHAW HEK5
Solentim VIPS® PRO

High efficiency, single cell seeding with image-based proof of clonality for GMP-compatible workflows.

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Solentim Cell
Metric® X

High contrast whole well imaging and documentation designed for single cell verification and clonal outgrowth monitoring.

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Solentim ICON™

Analyse VCD, titer and productivity for selection of the highest value clones.

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Cell Growth Reagents are the Perfect Choice for:
  • Cell line development for biologics
  • Gene therapy for viral vector production

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