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Protein Therapies

Bridging efficiency and quality to accelerate therapeutic protein discovery and development.

Optimizing Upstream, Downstream, and at Fill & Finish

Advanced Instruments delivers forward-thinking technologies that deliver time- and labor-saving advantages for therapeutic protein discovery and development while ensuring quality and productivity.

From instruments that streamline cell line development from single cell seeding to optimal clone selection, to osmometers that deliver valuable data for managing process and product quality through a simple 90-second test, Advanced Instruments brings together efficiency and quality to accelerate therapeutic protein development.

Accelerating Therapeutic Protein Cell Line Development

We offer a complete ecosystem of cell line development products that support high levels of cell growth while providing efficient single cell seeding, clonality assurance, and ranking and selection of the most productive clones.

Even better, our products make it quick and easy to collect credible data to support IND filings, ensuring efficient and productive operations.

Enabling Rapid Insight Into Key Bioprocess Activities

When it comes to process development and manufacturing of therapeutic proteins, what you don’t know can slow you down:

  • Are all of your buffers and media formulated correctly?
  • Does your solution have unexpected components?
  • Are all of the steps involving solutions–i.e. cell growth, dialysis, chromatography–proceeding consistently and as expected?

With the innovative osmometers from Advanced Instruments, you can gain valuable data for managing process and product quality through a simple 90-second test.

Osmolality, the measurement of total solute concentration, is a reliable control specification and in-process parameter that can deliver information across the protein therapeutic process development and manufacturing workflow.

Advanced Technologies for Therapeutic Protein Bioprocesses

From initial cell line development to bioprocess development and manufacturing, Advanced Instruments bridges the gap between efficiency and quality.

Advancing Therapeutic Protein Cell Line Development

Advancing Bioprocess Development & Manufacturing

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Associated Products

Solentim VIPS® PRO

High efficiency, single cell seeding with image-based proof of clonality for GMP-compatible workflows

Solentim Cell Metric® X

Simplify clonal assurance with Artificial Intelligence

Solentim ICON™

Maximize productivity by assessing titer and viability with a single instrument

Solentim STUDIUS™

Data management for the highest level of consistency across the CLD workflow

OsmoTECH® XT Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Best-in-class osmolality performance, designed for the toughest samples

OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-Sample Micro-Osmometer

Combines ease-of-use with accurate and precise measurements for reliable results

Next Generation Cell Culture Growth Supplements

Animal component-free cell culture supplements for CHO and HEK cells


Bioprocessing Services

Get the best performance from your osmometers and cell line development instruments from the people who designed and built them. We provide a range of services and service plans to meet the different needs of our customers.

Our certified Field Service Engineers provide on-site professional support for the installation, training, validation, and maintenance of your Advanced Instruments products.