Pipetting Challenge

Test your precision and accuracy and learn more about proper pipetting technique in a fun team-building event

How it works

You can conduct a Pipetting Challenge event in your own laboratory. Using a 20 µL single-channel pipette and the Artel PCS, or a multichannel pipette and the Artel MVS, you’ll hone your pipetting skills, then take 5 consecutive data points to determine your pipetting accuracy.

Based on the precision of your delivery, you can compete against your colleagues to achieve the lowest CVs.

Prepare for Success

Get an edge on your competition by learning the pipetting fundamentals. Considerations such as plunger pressure and speed, selection of proper pipetting mode and pipette tips are essential to proper technique.

Study Materials

Host a Pipetting Challenge Competition

Contact us today to host a Pipetting Challenge competition in your lab or classroom.