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Verifying the concentrations of your solutions during oligonucleotide manufacturing.

Emerging Uses for Osmolality

This novel field involves the use of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs), aptamers, siRNAs, miRNAs and synthetic mRNAs to control the expression of genes that have been associated with diseases. Multiple Advanced Instruments customers within this field use osmometers to verify the concentration of the solutions carrying their precious products.Ultimately, the quality of the drug is dependent on the process controls implemented throughout the workflow.

Supporting Innovative Technology

Because oglio manufacturing is an emerging field, it comes with a number of development and application challenges:

  • Delivery of RNAs across the lipid bilayer and into cells
  • Immunogenicity once in the body
  • High rates of degradation of oligos by plasma and tissues

Drug delivery into the target cells requires the proper osmotic pressure, similar to the parameters around viral transfection in vector development. The optimal osmolality of the delivery complex (e.g. mRNA:PEI) should be determined and monitored during this process. This specification will provide repeatable successful delivery of the drug.


Current Applications of Osmolality in Oligonucleotide Manufacturing and Development

As the field of oligonucleotides continues to develop the uses of osmolality continue to grow. Below are some of the current uses for osmolality testing in this field:

The system has excellent accuracy and precision, even between different analysts. The great thing about the XT model is that it can measure a broad range of sample osmolality to cover all of our sample needs.

Will Heaton, DiscGenics

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