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Take Single Cell Cloning to a New Level of Quality and Confidence

Optimize your workflow productivity and get complete confidence in single cell seeding and clonality assurance. VIPS PRO delivers definitive, imaged-based proof of monoclonality combined with proprietary artificial intelligence-driven cell recognition for accurate detection of your high-value cells. Labs get certainty of clonality and superior imaging with advanced data management and GMP-certified features.

Accelerate your path to IND with:

  • High seeding efficiency with low starting material requirements
  • >98% accurate artificial intelligence-driven cell detection
  • GMP-certified single-use cell reservoir – first to market!
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software with complete audit trail

Delivering Proof of Monoclonality, not Probability

Ready to submit your IND?

No need to fret over probability of monoclonality!

VIPS PRO delivers evidence through high quality images at multiple steps for complete certainty of single cell seeding – not in the nozzle, not in the tube, not in the air – but with true in-well verification. High resolution edge-to-edge images capture the whole well – a submission criteria referenced in regulatory guidelines.

What Customers Value About the VIPS Technology

“After reviewing a number of single-cell seeding devices, the VIPS came out top for ease of use, consistent results, and pricing. Communication from the company in regards to ensuring the spec met our needs, and the aftercare support was impressive. Whenever we had any questions, technical support provided details advice via video call. We feel fully supported by the company when it comes to any questions, technical help.”

– Sarah Blair-Reid,
Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Learn More About VIPS® PRO
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