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Three Things to Know About OsmoTECH® HT

What Customers Value

“Easy to use, reliable, and increases walk-away time! Equipment was easy to set up and easy to use. It runs reliably and is great to have for running many samples.”

– Leading mRNA Company

One area that has shown interest in automating the osmolality measurement is in downstream buffer and formulation development. Sample volume is a critical consideration and one that can have large consequences when deciding on which PAT analysis to choose.

Those in formulation development run multiple analyses on their formulations, so minimizing sample volume is of utmost importance.

The OsmoTECH HT aims to maintain the characteristic accuracy of that found with the Advanced Instrument’s intelligent freezing point depression technology which enables precise measurements of osmolality and strong inter and intra-run repeatability.

The following study will demonstrate that the OsmoTECH HT can run with high accuracy and precision a variety of sample types, with no-carry over or edge effect.

Application Note

Award Winning Automation

Bringing innovation to your workflow with:

  • Automation-friendly 96-well plate-based format for high-throughput testing.
  • Preserve sample with small sample testing size.
  • Conduct continuous1000 tests with minimal maintenance.
  • Powerful data integrity and management features for easy data tracking and compliance.
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