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GloCyte CSF Cell Counter is easy to get up and running. This short video gives a quick demo on how to run a sample assay that delivers accurate and precise total nucleated cell (TNC) and red blood cell (RBC) results at clinically relevant low levels.

Compared to the manual hemocytometer method, GloCyte reduces valuable time spent counting those more difficult specimens. Using a novel combination of fluorescence technology, highly specific reagents, and an intelligent counting algorithm, GloCyte can handle all of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) specimens that enter your laboratory. There’s never been a CSF analyzer like this.

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How MercyOne improved their cell count turnaround time by 30 minutes

Accurate, STAT cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cell counts are critical in the diagnosis of meningitis, malignancy, demyelinating disease, and hemorrhage. Due to historical limitations with the linearity of automated analyzers, CSF cell counts have traditionally been performed manually with a hemocytometer and the aid of a brightfield optical microscope. Manual cell counting is time-consuming, subjective due to reliance on human interpretation, and requires a high degree of skill. This poses significant challenges for clinical labs of all sizes facing unprecedented staffing shortages.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of implementing the GloCyte Automated Cell Counter for CSF, an FDA-cleared device with linearity down to 0 cells/µL, on result turnaround times (TAT).

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What our customers say

The [GloCyte] is easy to operate and user friendly. Quick and accurate results. [...] Steps are easy to remember. Counts RBC’s less than 1000 [...]. Easier to use than using the hemocytometer. NO MORE extra steps seen on using chamber counts: cleaning counting chamber and cover slip before counting, placing chamber in a moist box to wait for cells to settle, lysing RBC with acetic acid before WBC can be counted, focusing microscope etc.

Rodel Rosales

Boston Children's Hospital Core Laboratory

Industry Proven Performance

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Performance studies in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology and International Journal of Clinical Pathology (IJCP)

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A Shift From Manual to Automatic: CSF Cell Counts With the GloCyte® Automated Cell Counter System

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Reducing Error Associated With Manual Chamber Counts with the GloCyte Automated Cell Counter for CSF

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