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Clonal Assurance at Day 0

Cell Metric X is a high-contrast imager designed for single-cell imaging, identification, and clonal outgrowth characterization. It allows you to identify clonal wells at day 0, with the addition of artificial intelligence-driven Automated Evidence of Clonality (AEC).

Unrivaled Clonality Assurance:

  • Automated Evidence of Clonality saves the user time by pre-identifying cell locations
  • Walk-away automation for reduced hands-on time for high-throughput use
  • Automatic clonality report for confident submissions
  • Easy integration with third-party robotics

Automated Evidence of Clonality

Identify clones at day 0 with unbiased assistance from artificial intelligence.

Say goodbye to cumbersome, error-prone manual image analysis. AEC eliminates the weeks of waiting typically needed to confirm successful seeding.

Get the data you need when you need it.

What Customers Value About the Cell Metric Technology

“The Solentim Cell metric has become a crucial instrument in our cell line development process. The instrument has allowed us to create reliable and consistent data which in turn results in us being able to track our cell lines and compare them to each other with ease. Images produced by this instrument are always of high quality… The instrument is certainly worth the money we paid as it has allowed us to determine monoclonality and track colony growth, both of which are critical for our process.”

- Emily Agro, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals

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Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Clonally Derived Cell Lines. See the Future Today

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Automated Evidence of Clonality

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