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Introducing Osmo1 for One-Step Direct Sampling

February 5, 2018

Advanced Instruments Announces Osmo1™ Single-Sample Micro-Osmometer for One-Step Direct Sampling
Redesigned single-sample osmometer provides ease of use, accurate and precise results, and secure and efficient electronic data management.

Norwood, MA, February 5, 2018 – Advanced Instruments, the world’s leading authority in osmometry, announces the newest member of the Advanced™ family of freezing point osmometers. Osmo1 is ideally suited for clinical laboratories who prefer to directly draw and test small sample volumes. It was specifically designed to address the changing needs of today’s busy laboratories, improve efficiency, reduce sample turnaround time, and replaces the Advanced 3320 currently used in thousands of laboratories in the US and worldwide.

Perfect for sample-limited applications, Osmo1 uses a small 20 μL sample size and can measure the osmolality of body fluids – including whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, feces, sweat, and tissue homogenate. Samples are analyzed one at a time, and the entire process is made easy via the operating cradle that allows the test to be run directly from the Ease-Eject Sampler™, eliminating any loss of sample.

Osmo1 uses the industry-preferred freezing point depression method to deliver results in just 90 seconds. A versatile piece of laboratory equipment for any laboratory setting, the Osmo1 features a dedicated space to hold the newly re-packaged Micro-Sample Test Kit that now includes the sampler tips, chamber cleaners, and replacement plunger wire conveniently packaged together – everything you need to run a test right at your fingertips.

The instrument redesign also includes an interactive touchscreen, an on-board printer, and a 2-D barcode scanner to provide positive sample identification to reduce transcription errors. Data management and transfer can be handled via the on-board printer or by easily exporting the data using the Ethernet connection or multiple USB ports.

“The Osmo1 was designed with a set of usability, connectivity, and software control features consistent with the demands of today’s overworked, highly regulated laboratories,” said Byron Selman, CEO of Advanced Instruments. “It represents Advanced Instruments’ commitment to innovation in the field of osmometry, while maintaining the same product quality and reliability. We have expanded the product’s data management and communication features in response to evolving daily requirements in busy laboratories around the world.”

Osmo1 can be used in a variety of clinical diagnostics applications including Urology/Renol function, Surgery/Critical care, and Internal Medicine/Endocrinology.

About Advanced Instruments
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