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Insti-Blog – Reagents help HEK cell line viability and viable cell density (VCD) during cryopreservation and revival

March 29, 2023

Hello again!

Welcome back to our monthly reagent blog. Today I’m going to be sharing some InstiTHAW data with you.

If you have a HEK cell line which struggles with poor viability and viable cell density (VCD) during cryopreservation and/or revival then this is one definitely worth a read!

Here’s what we did…

293-F cells were cryopreserved and revived with medium supplemented with and without InstiTHAW HEK at 1×106 cells/mL.

The viability (%) and viable cell density (cells/mL) of the cells were assessed on 6 days following revival.

Let’s take a look at the results…

As you can see, the cells really benefitted from the having InstiTHAW present during both cryopreservation and revival.

At day 6 post revival, the VCD of cells supplemented with InstiTHAW was 6.39×106 cells/mL compared to 3.55×106 cells/mL. Once more, the viability was also higher – Cells supplemented with InstiTHAW had a viability of 93% compared to 86% (see Figure 1 for more details).

Figure 1. Shows the viable cell density (cells/mL) and viability (%) of the FreeStyle™ 293-F cells day 6 post revival.


ITW-ITW: Cryporeserved with InstiTHAW™ HEK, revived into medium with InstiTHAW HEK

Media-Media: Cryopreserved following SOP, revived into medium alone.

Short and sweet – that’s it from me this month!

If you’re HEK cells are looking for some love and support, then you know what to do…

Get in touch for information.

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