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Insti-Blog – Comparison between InstiGRO CHO, InstiGRO CHO PLUS

June 26, 2023


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Clonal outgrowth solutions for mAbs expressing CHO cells (Comparison between InstiGRO CHO, InstiGRO CHO PLUS)

I’m back this month with a very interesting story from one of our customers who was struggling immensely with their clonal outgrowth.

This customer was working with a handful of monoclonal antibodies expressing CHO cell lines. After an initial call to establish the nature of the cell line and the customer’s workflow, we sent samples of both InstiGRO CHO and InstiGRO CHO PLUS to test. Both of these reagents are designed to enhance clonal outgrowth, however the formulations are slightly different to cater for the different CHO cell lines and the growth medium used. It is often difficult to predict which formulation will be preferred so we always recommend new customers to try both before deciding how to proceed.

Let’s take a closer look at the data.

The customer carried out a direct comparison between InstiGRO CHO, InstiGRO CHO PLUS and the customer’s existing protocol using 7 of their mAb expressing pools. As you can see, the number of clones more than doubled in all case with InstiGRO CHO and CHO PLUS as compared to the control – needless to say, this customer was absolutely delighted!

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows the number of clonal colonies generated via limiting dilution with InstiGRO CHO, InstiGRO CHO PLUS, and the customer’s standard protocol. 128 wells were seeded per condition into 384 well plates.

Homing in on the different InstiGRO formulations, you can see that this customer’s cell lines preferred InstiGRO CHO PLUS to InstiGRO CHO, BUT REMEMBER, this is not always the case!

While the name CHO PLUS name can give the impression that it is superior in performance to InstiGRO CHO, it is entirely dependent upon the cell line and growth medium used.

If you are struggling with clonal outgrowth, make sure to give both of these reagents a try.

Contact us to learn which is right for you!




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