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Final Product QC

Ensure the quality and safety of your drug product for patients minimizing the risk of impurities

Pharmaceutical Quality Control

Osmolality testing has long been considered a compendial measurement for pharmaceutical quality control and the release of biological drugs (FDA), as any substance entering the body must be physiologically isotonic. An unexpected osmolality for your product can then produce negative side effects when introduced into human tissue, causing pain at the injection site, as an example.

Media Preparation Quality Control

It is becoming increasingly common for drug manufacturers to outsource the media and components used in their manufacturing, making quality control of culture media even more critical for ensuring the quality of their processes.

In order to ensure proper environment for cell line development, each batch of media must meet predetermined osmolality specifications with the hope of maximizing yield.

Help Ensure the Quality of Your Media to Help You Maximize Yields and Provide a High Quality Product to Your Patients

Using Quality Control (QC) throughout the manufacturing process ensures biopharmaceutical products are consistently produced to a predetermined yield, purity, and quality. QC is used to measure that the osmolality of drug products are within set standards throughout manufacturing,

Very easy to use for all technicians in a quality control lab. Small sample size. Friendly technicians that explained how to use the product very well.

Cathy Gladkowski, Biologos LLC

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