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Optimizing Cell Line Development, Bioprocessing, and Clinical Workflows

At Advanced Instruments, we’re thinking ahead to your next challenge, working to optimize your processes and increase efficiency.​

Our family of products and services help developers and manufacturers move efficiently while ensuring the yield, purity, clonality, outgrowth, and consistency of biopharmaceutical and clinical products and processes.​

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Solentim Portfolio featuring the STUDIUSTM Ecosystem
Accelerate your cell line development workflow

From single-cell cloning and colony outgrowth to the establishment of a master cell bank, cell line development technologies from Advanced Instruments streamline the collection of evidence for credible IND submissions.

Micro Osmometers designed for bioprocessing labs

Optimize and ensure the quality and consistency of buffers, media, product, excipients, and process parameters with a portfolio of easy-to-use instruments.

OsmoPRO Max Logo

OsmoPRO® Max  and Osmo1®
Micro Osmometers designed for clinical applications

Accurate and reliable osmolality measurement with ease-of-use for quick and accurate sample analysis.

GloCyte® CSF Cell Counter

The only automated cell counter that can handle all CSF specimens.

Create custom anaerobic and microaerophilic environments in as little as 5 minutes.

InstiGRO™, InstiShake™, InstiThaw™ and MatriClone™
Cell Growth Reagents and iPSC Matrices

Culture and grow healthier CHO, HEK, and iPSC cells with our proprietary animal component-free reagents and matrices.

Clinitrol™ & Protinol™  Controls

Verify instruments to strengthen your QC and stay compliant with CAP and CLIA guidelines.