Bioprocessing Webinar

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Clonally Derived Cell Lines. See the Future Today

Until now, identification of single cells after seeding has meant waiting for days/weeks until colonies grow and working backwards through the daily images in cell line development. For limiting dilution experiments, it’s only after those days/weeks have elapsed that issues may become visible, for example if no colonies grow due to seeding with a too-dilute cell suspension. Now, by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to these problems, single cell clones are identified automatically immediately after seeding.

In this webinar, the featured speakers will show how Solentim’s clonal imaging technology was combined with a trained neural network to identify single cells reliably. The presented data will demonstrate the degree of accuracy and consistency of the AI network across CHO, HEK and iPSC cell lines and show how users of limiting dilution and automated seeders alike can shorten their development timelines by weeks and accelerate IND submission.