Liquid Handling Webinar

The Key to Assay Reproducibility: Viscous Liquid Optimization

Webinar Description:

Liquid class optimization for automated liquid handlers is a critical programming step in your assay set up. Ensuring that the correct volumes are dispensed every time leads to faster and more reproducible data, thereby ensuring trustworthy assay results.

Depending on their properties (such as viscosity, density, volatility, etc.), different liquids can bring a variety of challenges to your assay. Liquid handler parameters can be adjusted in your instruments to ensure accuracy and precision of the volumes being dispensed, but DIY methods (including gravimetry or homemade dyes) are time-consuming.

New QualAssure™ solutions SerumSub™ and PCRMix™ have been developed to mimic the liquid handling properties and behave similarly to serum and PCR master mix, respectively. They allow you to seamlessly create reliable liquid classes without having to consume expensive reagents or risk wasting sample, while mitigating the variability that comes from incorrectly dispensed volume.

In this webinar, you will learn: