Liquid Handling Webinar

Streamline Liquid Handler Management: from Devices to Operators

ArtelWare™ is a new liquid handling management software for managing the performance of manual pipettes, automated liquid handlers, and operators in one platform. With the ability to easily perform calibrations, verifications, and operator assessments, the new software allows users to increase productivity and ensure compliance and quality. ArtelWare has an interactive plate designer feature that allows for customized plate layouts, by type, target volumes, solutions used, and number of replicates required for testing automated liquid handlers. The software also supports calibrating manual pipette volumes greater than 5 mL when using a supported balance.

During this webinar, the Artel product managers show how you can store all your records in one software platform for easy access and organization. They also demonstrate how the intuitive dashboard can give you visibility of your lab’s prioritized tasks and inventory, scheduling and email notifications of upcoming verifications, calibrations and operator assessments as well as the ability to review and approve data. ArtelWare also helps support 21 CFR Part 11 and CLSI QMS 23 compliance for audits by providing detailed reports with e-signatures to ensure traceability.

In this webinar, you will learn: