Clinical Webinar

Speed up Assay Development Time when Testing Plasma and Other Viscous Liquids

In this webinar, Dr. Melinda Gold describes how the Artel Multichannel Verification System (MVS), in combination with Artel QualAssure solutions that mimic plasma, serum, or PCR master mix, can not only make your liquid handler calibration, verification and optimization easier and faster, but also provide you with the most accurate and precise results.

Dr. Gold’s presentation is illustrated with studies and case examples showing the detrimental outcomes of not using the right solutions for the optimization of your liquid handling platforms. She also covers how the QualAssure solutions allow you to seamlessly create reliable liquid classes without having to consume expensive reagents or risk wasting samples, while mitigating the variability that comes from incorrectly dispensed volume.

In this webinar, you will learn: