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Revolutionizing Cell and Gene Therapy The Impact of Advanced Osmolality Testing on Process Development and Manufacturing

In the transformative realm of cell and gene therapy, marked by over 2,600 ongoing clinical trials and more than 20 approved products globally as of 2022, the imperative for precision and efficiency in process development and manufacturing has never been greater. This presentation delves into the critical role of osmolality testing in enhancing these processes, a key factor in ensuring high-quality, repeatable, and scalable therapeutic products.

The talk illuminates eight innovative ways in which osmolality testing is revolutionizing cell culture optimization, media quality control, as well as the cryopreservation and stabilization process of final therapeutic products. These methodologies are deeply rooted in the latest scientific research and are essential for maintaining optimal cell growth, vector production, and transfection efficiency, which are cornerstones of successful therapy development.