Clinical Webinar

Reliable Osmolality Results: The Importance of Controls in Medical Laboratory Settings

In this webinar, we will discuss the use of osmolality controls in clinical laboratory settings to evaluate the accuracy and precision of osmometers. Our team will explain the importance of using controls designed specifically for osmolality testing to identify potential issues and maintain quality control standards.

We will also provide a walkthrough of the AdvancedQC Peer Group program that allows laboratories to compare their osmometer serum and urine QC to their peers’ data on a real-time and monthly basis.

Overall, the webinar will provide valuable insights into the use of osmolality controls and their role in ensuring the accuracy and precision of osmolality measurements.

Featured Speakers:

Jessica Norigian: Jessica is the Clinical Aftermarket Sales Specialist at Advanced Instruments. She has been with AI for 2 years and focuses on Protinol and Renol as well as Aftermarket services for all clinical products. Jessica has a BS in Communicative Disorders from the University of Rhode Island and her MBA in Healthcare Administration from SNHU. She has over 10 years’ experience working in the medical field, primarily in pharmaceutical and medical sales. Her extensive industry and product knowledge and ability to cultivate relationships has contributed to her success over the years.

Brandon Haller: Brandon has the position of Clinical Applications Scientist at Advanced Instruments (AI). Brandon has a BS in Microbiology from Montana State University and is an accredited Medical Laboratory Scientist (ASCP). Brandon has 8 years of experience in clinical labs, and currently focuses on Osmometer and GloCyte applications for AI.