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New and Revised ISO Standards for Manual and Automated Liquid Handling Instruments

Webinar Description:

Handheld pipettes, as well as automated liquid handling systems, are ubiquitous tools used in most life science laboratories. Most assays and analytical lab workflows require the transfer of known volumes of liquid, with limited errors, for accurate results. Keeping laboratory equipment, including liquid handling instruments, accurate and fit for use is a typical requirement for regulated laboratories. Consensus standards describe calibration and test procedures, as well as maximum permissible errors. They can assist in developing calibration protocols that ensure consistent and comparable liquid handling instrument performance regardless of the laboratory’s location. Incorporating elements of the new ISO standards can also improve the performance of non-regulated laboratories.

During this webinar we will discuss the latest 2022 revisions to ISO 8655, the new ISO 23783 series of standards for automated liquid handing instruments, and what they mean for your laboratory.