Cell Line Development Webinar

Maximizing Cloning Success: Combining Automation with Cell Supplements for the Best Results

The demand for protein therapeutics has soared since their introduction, driving the need for improved production methods which ensure both higher capacity and consistent product quality. Generating clonal populations of cells for screening has long been recognized as a source of inefficiency during the development of stable cell lines. First, the process of isolating single cells can be intricate and may subject the cells to mechanical stress. Second, capturing high resolution whole well images, which demonstrate clonality to the regulator, can be challenging. Finally, nurturing single cells to divide and generate healthy clonal colonies can be fruitless, should the correct metabolites not be present.

During this deminar, we will introduce the gentle all-in-one VIPS® PRO, a robust solution for both the isolation and high-resolution image capture of single cells. We will also explore the application of the animal component free cell culture supplements; InstiGRO™ CHO and InstiGRO™ CHO PLUS, to support the development of healthy clonal colonies.

Want to learn more? Join us as we revolutionize the development of protein therapeutics.