Cell Line Development Webinar

Mastering Clonality and Improving Cell Growth with Cell Metric® X HT and InstiGRO®

As the gene therapy sector expands, so does the need to enhance cell line development (CLD) techniques, particularly in the establishment of stable, high-yield producer lines. A pivotal step in this process is proving clonality, and ensuring the growth and stability of clones, both of which come with technical challenges.

This webinar will showcase the Cell Metric X HT’s ability to capture evidence of clonality, automate clonal outgrowth analysis, and track colony growth rates using Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will also examine the ability of the InstiGRO HEK and InstiSHAKE HEK cell culture supplements to enhance the clonal outgrowth and expansion of HEK293 cells to enable scalable manufacture of novel gene therapies.

The Cell Metric X HT, an advanced microplate imaging system, provides high-resolution, multi-plane whole well images to capture definitive evidence of clonality, and offers AI driven algorithms to reduce manual efforts associated with CLD. Meanwhile, InstiGRO HEK and InstiSHAKE HEK cell culture supplements provide animal component free, chemically defined solutions for poor plating efficiency and expansion processes.

Join our experts as we delve into these technological advancements and demonstrate how to revolutionize future development of novel gene therapies.