Bioprocessing Webinar

Managing Quality and Compliance Operations in an Accelerating Scientific Landscape


This webinar covers several important issues facing biopharmaceutical leadership today, especially those working in the rapidly growing cell and gene therapy space. Additionally, limited resources because of COVID-19 have also ushered in a new way of conducting business in drug development. For example, many drug development operations (e.g., upstream, downstream, clinical, and analytical) are relying more on automation and much more attention is being paid to ensuring quality. As the Life Sciences industry continues to help patients across the world, creating peak laboratory performance is a key component to addressing the new challenges within the industry.

Four key elements that will be discussed in this webinar are (1) managing outsourcing while maintaining the highest quality and compliance, (2) integrating the different mindsets from R&D to quality and compliance, (3) assuring quality and compliance with limited resources, and (4) making cost effective choices when investing in automation for the quality operation.