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Importance of Measured Osmolality

Direct measurement of the osmolality of body fluids is the preferred method for reporting osmolality in the clinical setting. This webinar, organized by Radiometer in partnership with Advanced Instruments, details the importance of measured osmolality.

Watch and reinforce your understanding of:

  • The clinical value of osmolality
  • The importance and application of the osmolal gap
  • The positive implications for the quality and cost of patient care.

Key messages in this webinar:

  • Measured osmolality results are reliable and should be preferred to calculated osmolality
  • In cases of dysnatremia, only measured osmolality makes it possible to assess intracellular volume
  • Based on measured osmolality, hyponatremia can be classified as hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic
  • Identification of the osmotic gap is a key step in the investigation for intoxication

Presented by:

  • Prof. Jean-Paul Cristol – Head of the Biology – Pathology department – CHU Montpellier
  • Prof. Kada Klouche – Head of the Intensive Medicine and Resuscitation Department – CHU Montpellier

*Please note this webinar is in French.

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