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Higher Throughput Cell Line Development Using the VIPS®

In this webinar, originally aired November 27th 2018,  Tom Kelly from Janssen discusses his use of Advanced instrument’s Solentim VIPS™ (Verified in-situ Plate Seeding) system, the world’s first All-in-One Single Cell Cloning System.

He will explain why Janssen moved away from older generation CLD technology using Clonepix, which was based on detecting and picking high-producer clones in semi-solid media.

Tom will explain how, through using VIPS – in combination with improvements in vector design and transfection methods—Janssen’s clones are all high producers and only one round of cloning is now necessary.

Learn about about the overall benefits that VIPS has provided, why Janssen purchased multiple VIPS systems and their vision for the future.

The webinar will also explain how VIPS sits at the heart of an integrated portfolio of products that enable small CLD teams to go from single clone isolation to Master Cell Bank.