Bioprocessing Webinar

Establishing New Standards in Efficient Single Cell Cloning of hiPSCs

In this webinar, we demonstrate that numerous hiPSC cell lines can be successfully subcloned in a robust and automated fashion using the Solentim VIPS™ single cell cloning instrument in combination with a new soluble matrix called MatriClone™ (commercially available from Advanced Instruments), thereby reducing time and cost while most importantly maintaining the integrity of clonal biology.

Firstly, we show that the VIPS plus MatriClone combination results in a several-fold improvement in clonal colony outgrowth of single seeded hiPSCs when compared with manual LD. Secondly, a number of hiPSC subclones were identified from presumed healthy and disease-affected backgrounds using daily whole well imaging on the VIPS and selected for expansion approximately 10-14 days post-seeding. Expression of pluripotency was confirmed for each of the sub-cloned lines. Finally, we demonstrate that subclones maintained genomic integrity after extended culture and successfully differentiated into mixed cortical neurons.

We will discuss how future translation of such a workflow could positively effect GMP standards and re-establish expectations with the regulatory bodies for the development and production of advanced cell models, cellular diagnostics, and cell therapeutics, including clonality documentation to accompany future IND submissions.