Bioprocessing Webinar

AI and Robotics in Cell Line Development: Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy

In the specialized field of cell line development, researchers are constantly grappling with the challenges of maintaining high-throughput efficiency and ensuring clonality, often constrained by manual processes and the intricacies of analyzing sophisticated cell lines. In this webinar, the attendees gain insight into the latest advancements in high-resolution multi-plane whole well imaging and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered image analysis on clonality decisions and optimal close selection.

Whether the aim is to expedite biopharmaceutical production or advance novel cell-based therapies, the expert speakers share their insights into digital and physical automation to enhance research outcomes and ensure reproducibility and scalability.

They also explore how Cell Metric X (CMX), with its foundation in industry-leading innovation, is redefining efficiency and accuracy in cell line development, addressing the sector’s critical needs and propelling biotechnological advancements.