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Addressing the Issue of Genomic Stability in iPSCs: New Approach for Restoring Cell Lines

This webinar focuses on the different types of quality control (QC) required for iPSCs, with an emphasis on the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) standards guidance. Genomic stability assessment is a crucial part of QC since up to 30 percent of cultures have genomic or genetic changes that can affect downstream usage with significant implications for cell-based therapeutics.

To address these challenges, the expert speakers will focus on a novel solution that recovers iPSC lines with mosaic genomic or genetic abnormalities. Cellected Ltd.’s novel solution, RESCUE, combines high-throughput single-cell cloning with the Advanced Instruments VIPS® PRO and rapid genomic screening to recover normal cells from the population. The Cell Metric® X platform enhances clone selection and growth analytics and, combined with bespoke functional QC, enables the rapid return of the normal cell line to customers.

Watch this webinar to learn about the latest advancements in iPSC culture and quality control and take the first step towards improving the reproducibility, reliability and consistency of cell cultures, assays and data.