Bioprocessing Webinar

Healthy Cells, Healthy Results: How to Improve Cell Line Development

Stable cell line development to generate biotherapeutic proteins with Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines has historically been a lengthy process thwarted by multiple cell culture pain points. Starting with the harsh conditions associated with cryopreservation and revival, cells can often take several days to recover and enter their exponential phase of growth. Next, following transfection, cells must survive single cell isolation to generate a clonal population. Finally, clones are required to adapt to shaking culture conditions and endure the sheer stress which accompanies this transition.

All in all, these cell line development stages amount to a huge amount of pressure on the CHO cells to adapt, all while maintaining high expression of a foreign protein. As a result, cells frequently suffer with low viable cell densities and viability, ramping up project costs and extending biotherapeutic production timelines.

To improve the health of CHO cells in the cell line development workflow, Advanced Instruments developed the InstiGRO™ CHO, InstiSHAKE™ CHO and InstiTHAW™ CHO reagents that are animal component-free cell culture supplements. While InstiGRO CHO and CHO PLUS supplements promote clonal outgrowth following single cell isolation, InstiSHAKE CHO helps cells to adapt to shaking culture conditions. Finally, InstiTHAW CHO can be used at both the start and end of the cell line development workflow to promote high cell viability during cryopreservation and revival of the parental and research cell banks.

In this webinar, attendees will explore the value of each of the Insti reagents and discover customer use cases. The presented data will demonstrate how to support CHO cell health throughout the cell line development process, helping to drive efficiencies needed to move towards Investigational New Drug (IND) submission.