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Optimizing the process development protocols for promoting highest viability growth of iPSCs during single-cell cloning

With the rapid growth and adaption of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in both research and Cell & Gene Therapy workflows, novel technologies are required to support more efficient methods for clonally derived cell lines. One of the main challenges for manufacturing clinical-grade iPSC therapies is deriving clonal banks and assurance of monoclonality. The goal is to unequivocally confirm that a line of cells is derived from a single clone. The Solentim portfolio of cell line development solutions by Advanced Instruments which encompasses the new VIPS® PRO single cell seeder, the Cell Metric® and STUDIUS™ platform, provide the clonal assurance necessary for documentation of monoclonality with the imagebased evidence rather than probability.

The following study demonstrates superiority of iPSC single cell seeding using VIPS PRO in combination with MatriClone™, a soluble extracellular matrix that replaces standard stem cell coating matrices, compared to the standard limited dilution (LD) technique.

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