Improving cell count turnaround times with the GloCyte® Automated Cell Counter for CSF

Accurate, STAT cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) cell counts are critical in the diagnosis of meningitis, malignancy, demyelinating disease, and hemorrhage. Due to historical limitations with the linearity of automated analyzers, CSF cell counts have traditionally been performed manually with a hemocytometer and the aid of a brightfield optical microscope. Manual cell counting is time-consuming, subjective due to reliance on human interpretation, and requires a high degree of skill. This poses significant challenges for clinical labs of all sizes facing unprecedented staffing shortages.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of implementing the GloCyte Automated Cell Counter for CSF, an FDA-cleared device with linearity down to 0 cells/µL, on result turnaround times (TAT).

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