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Assurance of Monoclonality of Recombinant CHO Cell Lines using High Resolution Imaging

This paper describes the establishment of an imaging method using the Solentim Cell Metric® to strengthen the LDC stage of our current cloning approach by providing evidence of the single cell stage of cell line development (CLD). The Solentim Cell Metric® uses high-resolution brightfield imaging to generate clear images across the whole well, and automatic focusing to correct for any plastic distortion across the plate or individual well.

This paper focuses on the main areas of investigation performed at FDB to integrate the Solentim Cell Metric® into our CLD workflow; including the assessment of the suitability of a range of 96 and 384 well microplates and animal component free (ACF) medium types. The work carried out here identifies an optimum plate type and ACF cloning medium for cell growth and optical clarity. An imaging time point after cell seeding on day 0 was identified after which all cells could be visualized on the well surface.

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