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Addressing CLD Pain Points, Creating Efficiencies and Accelerating Biotherapeutic Development with Advanced Instruments Ecosystem

With the ever-increasing demand to develop and deliver new biotherapeutics to the market, pharmaceutical companies are under increasing pressure to introduce efficiencies into every aspect of the development; starting with the cell line development (CLD) workflow where there are many pain points to address. Developing a stable cell line to efficiently express increasingly complex protein modalities whilst maintaining high cell viability, high titres and high product quality can be the real challenge in itself. Adding further optimisation of the CLD process to obtain a stable cell line often increases complexity leading to higher workload and more bottlenecks. Such bottlenecks commonly include inefficient single cell isolation and subsequent low clonal outgrowth, lack of clonality assurance, clone loss during expansion and finally tedious data management using numerous spreadsheets to support the tracking of clone triaging. Advanced Instruments (AI) has simplified and addressed these pain points for pharma companies. In this poster we outline the efficiencies that can be achieved by taking a holistic approach to the CLD workflow and address all its pain points with the solutions provided by the AI ecosystem of iinstruments, data management software and cell culture supplements.

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