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Dairy Milk Analysis

For dairy and food laboratories conducting milk testing, Advanced Instruments offers equipment for monitoring both raw and processed products.

All Advanced Instruments products are manufactured to the highest quality and backed by factory warranties and outstanding technical support.

Milk Preservation

Advanced Instruments is leader in providing safe, simple, and cost-effective milk preservative products supporting thousands of milk testing and dairy herd improvement laboratories worldwide. We deliver value to dairy farmers and testing laboratories by manufacturing trusted, reliable products that ensure consistent, accurate analytical test results dairy component analysis.

Background on milk component analysis

Dairy milk samples are routinely tested in the laboratory setting for their macronutrient composition of fat, protein, lactose and somatic cell count. There are many reasons for milk component and quality testing which include: payment to dairy farmers, herd improvement, and overall assurance of milk quality to dairy processors. Component testing is most accurate and reliable when the dairy sample is fresh and tested within 24 to 48 hours of collection, but this can rarely be achieved since most samples must be transported from the farm to the lab for analysis.

The need for dairy milk preservatives

It is not always possible to ensure the short turnaround time and storage conditions of milks samples from the farm to the laboratory. During the period between sampling and analysis, milk quality can change due to microbial proliferation within samples. Growth of bacteria and sometimes fungi causes milk to degrade leading to inaccurate test results. Time and temperature are the enemies of milk.