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White Paper: Using PCRMix™ QualAssure™ for Assessing Liquid Transfer Performance with the MVS®


When assessing the accuracy and precision of a liquid transfer with the Multichannel Verification System (MVS), specially formulated dye-containing solutions are used as a proxy for the liquid being transferred. Liquid handling is affected by the physical properties of the liquid, therefore, the specific MVS dye-containing solutions must possess similar physical and fluidic properties as the actual liquid used in the transfer, i.e. the standard MVS Aqueous QualAssure solutions are used for assessing aqueous liquid transfers whereas the DMSO QualAssure solutions are used for assessing DMSO-containing liquid transfers.

Here we show how the PCRMix QualAssure solutions replicate the liquid transfer properties of several commercially available PCR master mixes, making them reliable and ready-to-use reagents for determining liquid transfer performance using the MVS.

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