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Anoxomat® III Jar System: A Gold Standard In Bacterial Cultivation

Combating false negative results and lags in productivity. False negative lab tests, misdiagnosis or delayed results can detrimentally impact patient outcomes leading to incorrect diagnosis or extended hospital stays. Patient outcomes can be assured by accurate isolation and identification of organisms in a timely manner within Microbiology laboratories. For this reason, among others, hospital and research laboratories value a system’s ability to quickly create ideal conditions for the growth of anaerobic, microaerophilic, and capnophilic organisms. The Anoxomat III Jar System from Advanced Instruments creates suitable environments for bacterial cultivation and offers important advantages for laboratory managers over conventional technologies including the anaerobic chamber and the gas generating sachet system. Here we will summarize peer-reviewed publications comparing the Anoxomat System to other methods and display our own research in support of those findings. Over 250 publications in peer reviewed journals support and utilize the Anoxomat in their studies because of its unparalleled, reliable and efficient results assuring both the integrity of a laboratory’s data and that no clinical results are missed as a result of false negatives.

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