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An Easy Approach to Optimizing an Automated Liquid Handler Using PlasProxy™ QualAssure® Solutions with the Artel MVS®


This application note demonstrates an approach for rapidly optimizing a liquid class to dispense PlasProxyTM – a new MVS® QualAssure® solution that mimics the pipetting characteristics of various types of plasma – using an automated liquid handler (ALH). Utilizing the Multichannel Verification System (MVS) is crucial for conducting liquid class optimization quickly and efficiently. A liquid class with predetermined aqueous settings was used to dispense PlasProxy and Aqueous QualAssure solutions, and two species of commercially available plasma. The liquid class was then modified to properly dispense PlasProxy and the subsequent volume was measured using the MVS, recording the new settings each time. Once finalized, the optimized method was used to dispense PlasProxy and the other three test solutions. Volume measurements were recorded using the MVS and gravimetry when conducting dispenses prior to and following the liquid class optimization. This paper illustrates an ideal liquid class optimization process using PlasProxy, a suitable mimic for commercially available plasma, on an ALH.

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