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A Dual-Dye Ratiometric Photometry System for Verification of Multichannel Liquid Delivery Devices

Verification and calibration of automated liquid handling instruments are important for applications that demand high levels of data integrity, such as drug discovery and development, proteomics, genomics, and molecular diagnostics. The lack of standardization in verification and calibration methods, however, makes it difficult to evaluate the volumetric performance of
instruments over time and to compare results between laboratories.

The Artel portfolio is designed around a dual-dye ratiometric photometry system for verification of multichannel liquid delivery devices. Available as the Artel MVS® Multichannel Verification System, it determines both the accuracy and precision of each individual channel of a multichannel liquid delivery device and delivers traceable volume measurements in the range from 10 nL to 350 µL.3 This report presents the technical and scientific application of dual-dye ratiometric photometry in microtiter plates, upon which the MVS is based. This report also documents the MVS components and describes its operating procedure. Examples of selected applications and comparisons to other calibration methods are also provided.

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