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OsmoPRO MAX Automated Osmometer can significantly improve productivity in your lab, delivering unprecedented automation, ease of use and efficiency! With the OsmoPRO MAX, sample pipetting, testing, cleaning, and data transfer are performed automatically by the device. Continuous loading and unloading allows your staff to begin tests as soon as samples come in—load a sample and walk away. High- and low- volume labs alike will benefit from faster turnaround times, improved accuracy through automation, and reduced risk of errors with techs of varying skill levels.

“The OsmoPRO MAX is a major advancement in technology. It makes performing osmolality testing easy, making it invaluable to the laboratory.”

– Cochin Hospital in France

Simplify your lab’s osmolality testing workflow.

  • Primary tube sampling (no more plastic sample cups or tips)
  • Continuous loading of routine and STAT samples – first to market!
  • Automation in a compact footprint


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